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Discovery Barn Preschool is a progressive preschool for children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years. The primary aim of the preschool's programs across all levels is to nurture the child's heart, mind and body through his or her active engagement in play in developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate activities, as well as in experiences that are relevant and based on real-life situations within a safe and nurturing environment.

Nurturing the child's heart, mind, and body


      We provide a safe and nurturing environment that is based on respect and positive regard. Also, the school strives to foster in each child an ethic of social responsibility and the six pillars of character such as trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, caring, fairness, and citizenship.


      We provide daily opportunities for children to engage in imagination and creative self-expression, as well as in diverse experiences that allow them to explore, investigate, ask questions, discover, reflect upon their experiences, and share ideas. The child's natural curiosity and inquisitiveness, as well as critical thinking skills will be supported and nurtured through their active engagement in child-initiated and teacher guided play, developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate activities, as well in experiences that are relevant, and are based on real-life situations.


      We provide daily opportunities for children to actively engage in diverse gross (large muscles) and fine motor (small muscles) activities that are age and individually appropriate. Sound health habits are integrated in the daily classroom routines, including other learning experiences that promote health education. Eventually, children will recognize the importance of taking care of their bodies, including a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, and sleep.

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