About Us

Discovery Barn Preschool is a progressive preschool for children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years. The primary aim of the preschool's programs across all levels is to nurture the child's heart, mind and body through his or her active engagement in play in developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate activities, as well as in experiences that are relevant and based on real-life situations within a safe and nurturing environment.

Discovery Barn Preschool programs are also designed to help in building and supporting the child's self-confidence, self-identity, independence, interdependence, and other positive character traits. At this stage, children will also be exposed with the Mandarin language as Chinese language program is integrated in the regular program of the preschool. The child's positive approaches to learning, his or her inherent nature to explore, to think about, to inquire, to discover about himself or herself, others, and the community, and to make sense of his or her experiences are also fostered across the curriculum.

Discovery Barn Preschool exists in the community in order to nurture the whole child by:

   providing him or her with various opportunities to actively engage in play and in developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate activities, as well as in experiences that are relevant to him or her and are based on real-life situations;

   cultivating in him or her positive character traits;

   fostering positive approaches to learning in in him or her which can support both in his or her transition to the primary years of formal education and later learning success and achievement in cognitive, creative, social-emotional, and academic domains;

   creating a safe and nurturing learning environment that is based on respect and positive regard; and

   establishing a collaborative partnership with teachers, parents, and the community that is deemed important in making decisions for the child's best interests and well-being.

In the next five years, the Discovery Barn Preschool will be one of the leading progressive preschool in providing a high quality early childhood education and in advocating research-based and innovative approaches to education with the main focus of nurturing the whole child.

Also, it is envisioned that Discovery Barn Preschool will be above excellent in establishing school-home-community partnership.

We believe that....

   each child is unique with his or her own innate abilities, potentials, intelligences and natural curiosity to learn the world about them.

   as educators, we should nurture, support and develop all aspects of development of the child: cognitive, language, socio-emotional,aesthetic/creative, and physical.

    the child learns best through his or her active involvement in play,exploration, experimentation, discovery, developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate activities, and life experiences that are relevant and familiar to them.

   assessment of child's development and growth is an ongoing process and is best done in an authentic and supportive context.

   with early exposure, support and practice, children are capable of exhibiting good characters in their daily lives.

   learning should not be forced but rather be enjoyable, this way we will be able to create lifelong learners.

   the child deserves a safe and nurturing environment wherein teachers and other adults respect and value his or her cultural background,individual needs and interests.

   a strong partnership between the school and the child's family is an important ingredient in nurturing the child's heart, mind and body.

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